Took me a while to find out but this is the solution:

1) Install the game, if you run into problems at this stage, set the MafiaLauncher.exe and MafiaSetup.exe executables on CD1 to Compatibility Mode: Windows XP SP2. If it fails, execute it as an administrator.

2) Go into C:\Program Files\Mafia en set the executable Game.exe to Compatibility Mode: Windows XP SP2

3) Go out and search the web for an update to 1.2 (mafia_patch_1.2_eng.exe). On the web you will find sites which refer to patch 1.3 and 1.2, there is no difference. I found it here .

4) Go into C:\Program Files\Mafia en execute Setup.exe. Make sure you configure it as follows:

Mafia Config

5) Now sometimes you might be able to play now, if not, follow the next step. You can test this by playing an intro.avi from the c:\program files\mafia folder. If you have video, your good to go!

6) In order to play the intro movies of Mafia (and play the game), you need and Indeo codec. This is unsupported on Vista (as a matter of fact, starting Windows XP SP1 and higher). Go out and fetch a freeware Indeo codec. I’ve got it from this site. Starting from version 5.2 you have to pay for it so make sure you find an older one 🙂

7) Open a command prompt with elevated right (hit the start button, type CMD, right click it and choose  “Run as an administrator”. In the console type: regsvr32 ir50_32.dll

8 ) Try to play the game and please leave a comment if this guide helped you out (or not)!

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  2. dropa Says:

    Thanks a lot mate.
    It really works!!!!

  3. mike Says:

    steps 2 and 4 worked for me – for the demo version on Vista Sp1 – thanks

  4. Amars Says:

    You the man! Cheers for this

  5. MV Says:

    Here’s the problem:

    Indeo doesn’t support x64 systems. no mafia for me 🙁

  6. Roger Says:

    Usually these online guides by people never work, but this one really does!! 10/10! Thankyou! Also, lots of different resolutions and 32bit colour works for me too, above and beyond the settings you showed above. (shame about the 64 bit systems tho)

  7. the wolf Says:

    man ur greattttt it all worked out fine i usually do thies on my own but thies helped a lot thx keep up the gd work

  8. Darron Says:

    Man, I cant this thing to run at all. New Vista Dell XPS. Nvidia 6800 GT. Quad Core. No Love! Ive tried putting both the .exe’s into XP but still nothing. I cannot get the game to install. Help!?!?

  9. will Says:

    youre the man this really works brilliant advice 5 stars

  10. Sean Says:

    You the man, appreciate dude, wish I could buy you a beer

  11. Jeff Says:

    I have a new HP computer with Windows Vista. When I first installed Mafia, it loaded but the graphics had some weird clipping or something. Made it unplayable. I’ve tried your stuff. It installs but the patch from step 3 uninstalls the whole game. Trying to follow step 2 also gives me the option of uninstalling the game. Also my McAfee seems to block some ‘virus’ every time I try to start it and it deletes it and nothing happens. Nothing works

  12. kris Says:

    i install it as usual and it runs normally, but the problem is that it doesnt go fullscreen and part of the “picture” is below the monitor, if you get me..

  13. Will Says:

    This was the best solution I found on the net by far! Great work and thanks a lot!!

  14. Luke Says:

    Realy works, thanks a lot!!

  15. mapmaker Says:

    it works thank you. for people who cannot figure out be careful about the settings. can be executed from C:Program Fiiles/Mafia/Setup.exe

  16. Tom Says:

    Thanks a lot 🙂
    Really appreciate it 🙂

  17. Bowak Says:

    Cheers for the help. It works fine now after not even installing before. Keep up the good work.

  18. Alex Says:

    thanks, it works now

  19. carlos Says:

    Hi…. look this is my problem, my pc never fishes the instalation of the game, y tried the first step like you’ve said but it still doesn’t work, so maybe you could help me with that or give an explication for what’s happening, thanks a lot…

  20. Paul Says:

    Thank you so much for this man. You are a real star

  21. ryan Says:

    wow! thanks for this, much appreciated mate!

  22. stefan Says:

    i was desperate, i bought 3 times the game and never worked. now it’s ok. thx you

  23. Ashish Says:

    Thnks a lot man…It works

  24. Mariola Says:

    MEGA RESPECT!!! It works. I thought that i will have to reinstal my system for windows xp.

  25. kamila Says:

    it seems like its working cos when i play the intro it works however the game doesnt work 🙁 when i try to open the game (error doesnt appear anymore) my screen goes blank and when i open the task manager it says that mafia is not responding.i dont quite understand step 7 so maybe thats why isnt working?any clues?thanks

  26. kamila Says:

    thank you for very quick response!ITS WORKING!thank you very much!

  27. Andi Says:

    Thanks a lot! I had big adventures dealing with this problem now I fixed it thanks to you! Keep on like this!

  28. ropyyy Says:

    I just got a sold out version of the game, and installed it on Win 7 RC, it didn’t want to start, it was because of the video codec, I have lots of palyers, and codecs needed for HD vide= playback and all stuff, but tried playing the intro video with standard windos media player, and it didn’t play, so installed the codec and now works fine. Any resolution, any settings level 🙂
    Thanks for your help.

  29. elzorro Says:

    thanx a lot, man.. I was going nuts not playing the game since I changed my pc some 2 years ago. cheers!

  30. Stevie Says:

    Thanks a lot lot guys worked a treat

  31. Ted Says:

    thx working fine now

  32. pete Says:

    great only one ive found that works and works 100 per cent fair play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. diego Says:

    Thank you friend!!!!!!

    In my case, the key word was the ”mafia setup”, once I take that configuration, everything works.

    I have to say that my problem were the graphics, they looks terrible, but now they are realy good.

    Thanks, for your help

  34. kan Says:

    THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!

    btw, i put the resoloution and the bit rate higher and it still works.

    Tis my favourite game ever!
    cant wait for the second 1!

  35. Ramadan Says:

    u have to run “Run As Administrator”. i tried and it worked. i use vista 64 bit

  36. FuneralFog Says:

    Thanks a lot, I have Windows Vista 64 Home Edition and now the game works fine. Great job! 🙂

  37. andrea Says:

    ciao..ho installato il gioco mafia non originale..ho letto che molti hanno problemi.. anche gioco va alla grande ma le dimensione della cartella di gioco sono troppo grandi..mi spiego meglio..non mi si vede la parte sotto..ho provato a riposizionare la cartella schiacciando sposta ma non salva la posizione che vorrei.ho provato anche con aggiungere nelle proprieta -w NIENTE NIENTE avete consigli?????????????

  38. raakesh Says:

    You rock my friend. the game is on

  39. phil Says:

    when i run the game it doesn’t go fullscreen. but my settings say fullscreen is marked.

  40. hasanka Says:

    hi bro
    when i was not suessful this treatment,

  41. raakesh Says:

    Pls help..
    i have followed all the steps……It worked fine…….but on one day the system rebooted itself……….after that it is not working. I have reinstalled the game with all the settings but it does not work………help.

  42. PanzerSSHaputmann Says:

    Uhhhh wow after an hour of tweaking, installing 1990’s video codecs, changing compatibility issues, turns out damn thing wont run on x64 machines. Couldve saved a lot of time if I had scrolled down prior to going thru all those steps. BTW in Win7 that console shell command does not work, its invalid entry. But great troubleshooting guide for people with 32BIT SYSTEMS!!!! x64 seems like its giving me more problems than is helping!

  43. paul Says:

    it really works xD sometimes the game shut down. but many thanks.

  44. Sorna Says:

    Hi I hd dwnld MAFIA ISO file.. i hd installed it.. after installing CD1. it ask’s fr CD2.. but there is no option to select to instal CD2…

    Plse tel me.. Hw to instal the remaining part..???

  45. HillmerX Says:

    I got everything to work but the sound. Still hear the music but sound effects and voices are lacking. Otherwise, your guide is awsome.

  46. Dave Says:

    Hi, you’re the Champ!, worked fine, u made my day. Thanks a lot for the instructions.

  47. Tamara Says:

    what have i got to open on step №7?

  48. mathew Says:

    i have windows 7 i done every thing the game runs but when i turn the buildings and everything arnt straight they go its weird can antone help

  49. Circuit Says:

    Anybody have Mafia running fine on Windows 7 (32 bit)? If so, did you follow the procedures detailed here? Did you have to install the Indeo codec and register the dll?

  50. Dave Says:

    Well… did everything and it doesnt work
    Win 7 here 🙁

  51. Vinoth Says:

    i been trying 2 weeks now to try to play wen i saw yur forum its works on win 7 too u are great man thks a lot

  52. chylu Says:

    help me please I start the game end i see black screen the game is stop I can do nothing

  53. Haragan Says:


    I can’t istall it on win 7 (64 bit). Sby can help me?

  54. Mart Says:

    I can`t get it working on windows 7 32 bit. I have no problems with the beginning video, and the game starts but it`s the graphics that are just not right. Eaven in the menu, I have things disappearing and appearing, on the in game videos i have cars with no roof or wheels etc.
    I tried the Inde codec but I get this error 0x8000ffff
    Any help would be absolutely marvolous!
    P.S. I`m useing a notebook, but it worked with XP on the same notebook.

  55. Mart Says:

    P.S. It works on compatibility. I´d like to see it working also without.

  56. nightvamp20 Says:

    ok i got it work the only problem i have now is that iam trying to play the game in a window and the game window is to big for my screen and i can only see half the game is there a way to make the game window smaller or even put it in fullscreen mode?

  57. Sindre Says:

    Thx. I am warming up to the release of Mafia II by playing through the old game again. Thanks to this guide it works on my Vista.

  58. harris Says:

    plz how can i change my game in english i downloaded it in spanish’

  59. Dasha Says:

    you are the best! thanx!!!

  60. Duy Tran Says:

    I do everything as you said, i can play the intro. But when I started, it jumped back to the window. Please help me!

  61. Amey Mulay Says:

    Just follow the steps as mentioned in the Screenshot & it worked perfectly fine even on Windows 7 64bit.

  62. Frank Mejía Says:

    thanks, it works now

  63. Erik Says:

    Thanks a lot dude, you rock!

  64. Joshua Says:

    Finally, it starts!
    But then I get a black screen with no sound or video on startup, and have to CTRL+AlT+DELETE out.

  65. walrus Says:

    Thanks a lot! Tried everything till I found this site. U rock!

  66. Ridh Says:

    Mate, thanks for the tip, it sort of work but every time I tried to lead the game, it just went blank and when I open the task manager it says that Mafia is not responding… may I ask why is that? and if there is a way to fix it

  67. Steven Says:

    Thx very much, after step 8 it worked!!!

  68. Trocar Says:

    Sort of works:

    Indeo codec installation crashed when it was looking for a Netscape copy. So I used ‘custom install’ and disabled ‘browser codec’ (or something like that – bottom one in the list). After that the codec installed fully.

    Then Mafia opens – first the splash-screen, then a black fullscreen that immediately minimizes into the bottom taskbar of Win Vista (it says ‘Mafia ..zzZZ’).
    If I then wait until the sound stops and I click on it a couple of times, it goes to fullscreen black.
    Then I can hit the spacebar and it loads into the Create Profile-screen.

    This works most of the times and only if I have maximum resolution settings and triplebuffer and VSync set on.

    But hey, it’s better that not playing at all!

  69. Trocar Says:

    in response to my previous entry:

    Oh darn!

    I overlooked the 60Hz option in the setup!
    I set it to 60Hz and there are no problems starting the game anymore – regardless of other settings!

    My bad!

  70. Kal Says:

    Thanks buddy, i still can’t believe it actually worked! The link to patch 1.2 seems dead, so here’s another :-

    Time to look after this thing of ours…

  71. gregck1 Says:


    excelent info, keep it coming…

  72. poigt Says:

    dude donno what to tell u.u r awesome man.
    great work.i have been dying to get this game on my pc
    great work keep it up

  73. steve Says:

    Thank you

  74. jyotiranjan Says:

    i did as u said but after that i got a problem it shows

    “bad version _ engine:395 client:384”

    plzzzzz help???????????????

  75. Colin Says:

    Mafia 1 on Win 7 performance okay Graphics terrible
    Took you advice on Setup.Bang on perfect.
    Many Thanks

  76. Frank Says:

    It says it can’t find the CD-Rom
    I’ve tried all the discs. Whats going on? It worked on my old comp but not on Win7 64

  77. anrok Says:

    thank you bro it really helped me

  78. matias Says:

    Hi there,
    Nice work it helped me I can see the intro but I still can`t run the game, I have a crack with it and I downloaded the 1.2 patch and I did all the steps but I can only see a black screen … this maybe the result of my poor video card? its a standard VGA… Please help me

    PS: I have win 7

  79. torib Says:

    i have the same problem of Kamila i don’t understand step 7 help me out plizzzzzzz!!!!

  80. eze Says:

    Works great! Thank you!

  81. explorer Says:

    thank you very very much dude. you are genius 🙂

  82. ritwik Says:

    thanks a lot…this helped a lot. 🙂

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  84. Sura Says:

    Thanx dude, it really helped me a lot. Now i can finally play the game under Win 7.
    @Razak follow the steps described here,i had he same problems with he graphics, now works perfect.
    Just look at the pic from the set up and change it…

  85. dfg Says:

    I had the zzZZ/minimizing problem, but I got Mafia 1 working just now in Win 7 64 by running it with the checkboxes set for both “Run in 256 colors” AND “Run in 640×480 resolution”.

    That seemed to “get it over the hump”, and then after the intro movies, the game was in the resolution I set it at (1680×1050) in the Mafia setup utility.

    I also installed the Indeo codecs, but I heard they’re included with the K-lite mega pack anyway. Thanks for the guide!

  86. Rahul Says:

    it works !!!! tanks a lot

  87. sankhadeep Says:

    its awasome,it really works.its a very apprehensive site.

  88. UTPAL GOND Says:

    Hey when i install the uninstalls the game..what i will do now?

  89. randy Says:

    Finally got it to work! =)

    I’m running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and tried everything listed here but nothing was working at first. Once I installed that Indeo codec 5.1 the game started right up, thanks so much!!! It’s been years since I played and now I’m gonna get hooked playing it again.

  90. Iulian Says:

    YOu’re a f.. genius it worked after the last step , thanks man . HEY EVERYBODY THIS WORKS !

  91. Jules Says:

    I could follow most of these steps,exept the 3rd one.
    Patch says:
    Registry entry not found.
    Mafia not installed.
    Can not apply patch.

    What sould I do?
    P.S. I can watch the intro, settings are the same.
    Got win 7 32bits

  92. Youssef Says:


  93. Carlos Sá Says:

    Hey man, thanks a lot.
    It works very very well. I think that the command on cmd and patch make all the work. Thanks for share. That fix a problem for who wanna play this game on a netbook.
    It worked for my Asus 1015PEM.
    However i put the compatibily mode on Windows Vista SP2 compatibily because i’m trying to run it on Windows 7 Starter.

    Thanks a lot.

    My best Portuguese regards.

  94. James Postings Says:

    Works great on my windows 7 64 bit computer I only needed to follow steps 1 to 4 Thak you and top marks

  95. NelS0N Says:

  96. Lucas Says:

    I have a particular issue, the game installs perfect but when i start to play, the main character stands like a crucifix while driving, and when he is out walking or runing apparently the dummy performs by itself the last movement that you’ve made, for example if you run and stop, the dummy keeps runing without moving forward, and also have a problem with the inventory, when a hold the bat, doesn’t hit whit it, only appears the power bar but nothing happens when you release it, so, can you help me please?

  97. Lucas Says:

    i forgot to tell you, that when I’m gonna install the patch, appears a window asking me, “do you really want to UNINSTALL Mafia?” so the patch it’s useless 🙁

  98. superturtle Says:

    nice one man, working fine with all tweaks on my win7 64bit system

    cheers 🙂

  99. rupesh Says:

    i want cheats of mafia game ,please.

  100. Roelof Says:

    Thanx mate, I used to have these weird drawings where the graphics “pulled”, i adjusted the settings as jou said with the screen print and now it works perfectly…

  101. lycos Says:

    Lovely! Thank’s for saving this game for me!

  102. Sudip Says:

    Thanks, Man its working

  103. uNW4Nt3D Says:

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  104. Agentu007 Says:

    ONLY step 7 worked for me.
    I am using Windows 7 home edition 32 bit

  105. krd Says:

    Works fantastic! As another user pointed out, when installing the indeo codec, you’ll have to do the custom install and remove browser support or it will crash before it finishes installing.

  106. Sygi Says:

    I love you buddy !!! I’m from Czech Republic, so Mafia is from Czech too, and its my most favourite game !! and i bought a new notebook with windows 7 64bit, and now with your help it works !! thanks a lot !! 🙂

  107. Srinivas Reddy Says:

    Man. Superb. This helped me. Now my favourite game works on Windows 7.

  108. Angelique Says:

    you were my last hope…and problem solved! I’m enjoying the game! thank you!

  109. lostheaven Says:

    I have Windows 7 64 bit, and this worked well, thanks!

  110. timB Says:

    Damn. I tried everything. I have few problems.. Well I got the mafia installed to my computer with daemon tools after downloading it. (My cd2 is scratched, couldn’t install the game with it.) I had mafia working on my computer after my big brother installed it on my VISTA with no problem ever, so it’s worked with me on vista and XP, and win98. Anyways. English is not my usual language, I’m from Finland, had some problem understanding everything, especially when my computer is in English too 😛 For me it keeps saying wrong disk everytime I try to open it, anyone else had this problem/you solved it somehow? PLEASE HELP =)

  111. timB Says:


  112. James Says:

    This guide works great, you could see some progression in every step. After all the steps I realised I should update graphic drivers as the game was crashing before entering main menu (showed openng videos). Unfortunately for me it seems as though my graphics card just can’t handle the game. It runs, I can play the game, but the gameplay shows spikey elongated buildings etc.

    Thanks anyway for a no nonsense guide.

  113. Chris Says:

    Well, I followed the steps but still it does not work :/
    I cannot install patch, it tells me: Mafia entry not found.
    It seems that Mafia is not visible in the registry. Do you have any clue?

  114. sanchit Says:

    i installed the game and done wat u said but d graphics of the game is not wrking well…plz help me!!!!!

  115. sanchit Says:

    im using win 7 32 bit and ive downloaded the compressed file and it is not installed just the copy plzz help me to run d game

  116. Anshul Says:

    Dude you made my day…..
    ty man
    u rock……….
    😐 :\

  117. Bodolino Says:

    i did all those steps and after i finished all the steps i can se intro.avi files from the folder but there is just one more problem!!!after you install patch 1.2 the game wont work because it needs a crack for that patch.So if you want to play start looking for a crack!!!

  118. Bodolino Says:

    I found a working crack for patch 1.2 here but i have win 7/32 and it still dosent work.I have problems with video when i play some kind of shapes appear and wheels and doors from cars disappear and after a while the game crashes.Thanks for the help and maybe it will work for others.

  119. Milos Says:

    GUYS I HAVE A PROBLEM I DO EVRYTHING BUT WHEN I TRY TO RUN GAME.exe, Bad version – engine:395 client:384


    P.S:I em using WIN 7

  120. Ede Says:

    Thanx man!!

  121. savio Says:

    Thanks alot bro! You’re the best! Keep helping us noobs! 😀

  122. Kostas Says:

    i did the MafiaLauncher.exe and MafiaSetup.exe for Windows XP sp2 but still cannot install the game…when install is ready to begin it says me please insert CD1…:( pls help me asaaap! i want to play MAFIA soo much!!!

  123. Kostas Says:

    i did the mafialauncher.exe and mafiasetup.exe compatibility mode: WindowsXP SP2 but still when start the install it says “please insert CD1″….. 🙁 please help meee! i want to play soo much!!

  124. Ekocyrandes Says:

    It works, but I had to downland no-cd crack 1.2 eng as well.
    Great thanks mate 🙂

  125. sergis15 Says:

    help. i have win 7 32bit sp3

    i have installed patch 1.3, got crack for it from gamecopyworld, game.exe made compatible with xp service pack 2
    but still graphics is not work correctly, streches and another sh*t

    in setup.exe done all what is in picture below

  126. Erwan Lent Says:

    Wow, thanks a lot. Ran into a DLL error, followed your steps and it worked. THANK YOU

  127. Darshan Says:

    what should i do i have win7
    and the game is not working
    when i start i from desktop,it say wrong disc inserted
    when i mount disc 1,2,3 the case is the same
    help me….

  128. Ryan Says:

    I can’t install the game. The MafiaLauncher.exe crashes everytime i try to start it, even with the compatibility settings and administrator privileges…Please help…

  129. teoti Says:

    mate, what the fuck is going on with the patch?
    when I run it, it asks if a want to uninstall the game and if I choose “no” nothing hapens but if I choose “yes” it uninstalls the game and says that I need to install the game -.-
    help please, cheers.

  130. já Says:

    I have Win 7 64-bit. I do all. It works, but video )intro is in game strech (no 16:9 but other widescreen format.) If I play intro in wmpl, have 16:9 but in game no. It is with bad codec… This old Indeo is only for 32 bit. What I do now?

  131. obsidian Says:

    How i can turn that files to compatibility mode ?? i have got W7.

  132. Giyovani Says:

    It does not work man.When I try to open it it says “Wrong disc inserted”. What should I do?

  133. david0273 Says:

    i think i found a way to solve the graphics,
    click to run under administrators would work
    and it will play in full screen

  134. Ocsy Says:

    Works perfectly on Win7 32bit, thanks a lot. Mafia patch version 1.2/1.3. Did not need WinXP compatibility mode, I’ve just set administrator rights for Game.exe. I have the original retail version of the game but I installed a nocd patch so disc is not needed for the starting.

  135. jang Says:

    cant play. its says wrong disc inserted. what should i do first. pls help

  136. Jackie Says:

    it works! Thanks a lot :))

  137. nikos Says:

    u r god… end of story

  138. thando Says:

    I’m done installing mafia but when I open it say weong disc inserted pls help

  139. xXTR3M3x Says:

    Thanks a lot! I still play this game, even after so many years! 10/10 Game. 😀 🙂 😛

  140. aldehid Says:

    It heplped a lot! Thanks you are a genius!!!

  141. WhiteKelly Says:

    For you who have problems, download the dopeman-RIP-release of Mafia and the only thing you need to do is execute the setup as above, run and play. The version is patched aswell.
    I couldn’t get my own old copy of mafia running on Win7 so this made my day, hope it makes your day too!

  142. renus Says:

    hi a do all things and doesnt works, have a crash Bad version – engine:395 client:384 in windiws 7 64 bit please help

  143. Arun Says:

    It really helped me. Thanks a lot dude

  144. BlackKey Says:

    I’ve got problem because when i want to install patch he want to uninstall game .. why? win 7 64bit

  145. mrfucker Says:


  146. cristian Says:

    @BlackKey @thando
    step 4:
    Use this patch for nocd:
    I’ve yet installed in windows 7 64 bits, with this tutorial step4 replace with it and go on… execute with administrator

  147. Potapych Says:

    I’ve tried all these options, but i still have a problem. The game runs, but the effects, such as smoke and fire have these color lines come out of them. I’m running Win 7 64-bit. Did steps 1-4, movies work, so jump to step 7 and i get a error message “module ir50… failed to load…” I try enabling multipass rendering, the fixes the smoke problem, but now my floor textures don’t stay in place, but kind of move around with the camera. Any suggestions?

  148. Anubhav Says:

    Wohoooooo……Thanx Mahn….It Really works …. thanx Alot 😀

  149. Sajeel Haider Says:

    Good i like this Its really work on windows 7 32 bit Mafia is running on windows 7 Thanks Body.

  150. Kevin Says:

    Works Great Thanks ! Perfecto a cigar that is thick in the middle and tapers at each end.

  151. sam Says:

    Works Perfect!!!!
    For graphics settings,just relaunch the “mafialauncher.exe(in cd_1)” after installation and hit on setup,then enter the recommended settings carefully as mentioned above n enjoy….


  152. ElMagico Says:

    Great work, thanks.
    It solved problems with graphic on my MSI Notebook. Finally Mafia work fine on Win 7 without trouble.

  153. Manoj Kanala Says:

    Excellent… Thanks buddy.. u rock…

  154. Sab95 Says:

    error #4205 generic. This message shows up everytime I time try to run the game. And am able to play intro.avi Please help.. !!

  155. Alyse Genzone Says:

    I love this blog, it’s useful and perfect for surfing. I wanted invite to visit my page.

  156. ahmed Says:

    thank you you are amazing

  157. ronnie hati Says:

    i appreciate your post.. it helped me install, i put the patch and also cmd prompt it says it’s showing error message, and also am unable to launch the game, any suggestions please

  158. ronnie hati Says:

    n yes, mine is win 7 64 bit

  159. joey Says:

    hey man im using win 8.. i tried compability mode and stuffs… all of it and it just wont instal.. everytime i run mafiasetup.exe nothing happens… mafialauncher.exe prompt the menu of play setip etc. and when i hit install.. nothing happens.. please i really want to play this classic game.. please…

  160. Wakey Terrier Says:

    Spot on mate, followed every instruction and worked first time! (Windows Vista)

  161. rocky behrooz Says:

    tnx tnx tnx

  162. Jorge Says:

    Dude, you save me! Thanks a lot!

  163. hidra Says:

    I saw this article but it doesn’t help me. I have a 64bit Win7 and I could play Mafia before I saw this, but I got another issue. You see, the text doesn’t appear normally. Instead of saying “Sawed-off shotgun” it says “Sa “. This annoys me, because you know that text is important. So I would like to see a reply, and a possible fix. Thanks! 🙂

  164. Hugemiler Says:

    Thanks, man. It worked for me. Keep it up!

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