When closing a Windows Explorer window, the next time you open it the size of the preview pane isn’t remembered. Frustrating?

The solution is simple.

  1. Resize the window and preview pane just like you want to have it
  2. Hold CTRL-SHIFT on your keyboard while closing the explorer window (e.g. clicking the little X on the upper right corner)

Next time when you launch explorer you’ll see that the settings are remembered!

3 Responses to “Have Windows Explorer remember explorer Window setting (e.g. Preview Pane size)”

  1. Mart Says:

    So long trying to finding how to do this (or wondering why this wasn’t possible)!? Thanks!

    May I request you, (you may be the one who knows this) I’m using the preview pane a lot, but I want-need to select files with the keyboard, passing through them quickly. The problem is that every time a Word (I’m using 2010) doc is selected the keyboard can’t be used anymore as the focus turns to the preview pane. Hitting Shit+Tab twice returns me to the file list in windows explorer, but it loses all the efficiency the keyboard had here (and then it is faster to just open the file than using the preview pane)… Is there any keyboard combination or that behaves like the up down arrow to select the file while the preview pane is open? or any other solution to this? Thanks for this. You may want to make a new post out of this question… Thanks a lot anyway

  2. John Says:

    Many thanks for that info. There are plenty of very strange suggestions elsewhere, but this one worked perfectly and has removed a very real annoyance.

    Thanks again.

  3. JPH Says:

    I’ve tried this solution repeatedly and it doesn’t work with my WIn7 PC. Another glitch.

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