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So you downloaded a new podcast or whatever and want to convert it to mp3? There are loads of programs which will do the trick, if you pay. Since paying sucks and isn’t necesarry, follow these instructions to make a cool ‘sendto mp3’ command in windows XP (vista not tested, will probably work too).

You will need the following freeware:
1) faad for windows to convert a M4A to wav (download here)
2) lame to code a wav to MP3 (download here)

Make sure you save faad.exe and lame.exe in C:\Program Files\M4A2MP3
Fire up good ol’ notepad and copy and past the following ‘code’

@echo off
REM Simple script to convert m4a to mp3, got it from
echo Going to convert %1! Hold tight!
“c:\program files\M4A2MP3\faad.exe” -o tmp.wav %1
“c:\program files\M4A2MP3\lame.exe” -b 190 tmp.wav %1.mp3
del tmp.wav

3) In notepad, save this file as “C:\Program Files\M4A2MP3.bat” (INCLUDE the quotation marks, this way you’re sure notepad doesn’t save it as M4A2MP3.bat.txt

4) Now navigate to C:\Document and settings\%username%\sendto
5) Create a new shortcut and link it to C:\Program Files\M4A2MP3\M4A2MP3.bat
6) When the shortcut wizard asks you for a name for the shortcut, name it something like “Convert to MP3”
7) Give the shortcut a different icon (rightclick and choose properties to change it)
8) Now when you rightclick a .M4A file, select Send To and choose Convert, then wait a bit and voila!

It’s also possible to auto-copy it to a mobile device (Pocket PC). If your interested in how to do this, leave me a reply and ill add it.

UPDATE: Yakko Warner improved this script and i believe you should try his on, read all about it on his blog

5 Responses to “Convert M4A to MP3 on Windows (without paying)”

  1. M1N05 Says:

    I changed the settings a bit (not so much).
    Also to say that when you copy/paste from your web browser, you may change ” to “. And it is not working then (on a french os for example).

    @echo off
    REM Simple script to convert m4a to mp3, got it from
    echo Going to convert %1! Hold tight!
    “C:\Program Files\faad__m4a_codec\faad.exe” -o tmp.wav %1
    “C:\Program Files\lame\lame.exe” –alt-preset standard –vbr-new tmp.wav %1.mp3
    del tmp.wav

  2. admin Says:

    Good suggestion! Thanks allot!

  3. littleGiant Says:

    Thank you so much. Have been search for such a “simple” and good solution.

  4. Cinni Says:

    Much appreciated
    I have googled a lot and found a good soln here.

  5. Rohan Says:


    Will you please tell me how to convert wav to AAC format?
    It would be great help.

    Thanks a lot in advance.


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