After installing VMware you cannot access the Webinterface? You experience the following result:

  • When browsing to the webinterface using http://ipaddressesx, you receive a “Page cannot be displayed” error.
  • When browsing to the webinterface using https://ipaddressesx, you receive a SSL security warning and then  a “Page cannot be displayed” error.

The server didn’t update his hosts file correctly, solve it using the following steps:
1) Log on to the server console (using the server’s keyboard or SSH)
2) Open the hosts file using a texteditor: nano /etc/hosts
3) Make sure there’s a localhost entry and an hostname entry, a little example:

# Do not remove the following line, or various programs
# that require network functionality will fail.       localhost     ESX_TESTLAB

4) Exit the editor using CTRL-X, save your changes with Y.
5) Visit the VMware ESX webaccess using your favorite internet browser on your client.


2 Responses to ““Page cannot be displayed” when accessing VMware ESX webinterface”

  1. celic Says:

    I had the same problem but it wasn’t related to network configuration.

    Make sure all vm required services are running and if they don’t, check if you have enough free space

  2. celic Says:

    make sure all vm services are runnning. if some of them aren’t runnning, check if there is enough free space

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