Windows Vista, by default, goes into sleep mode instead of powering off.
A nice functionality, sometimes I don’t reboot my PC for weeks.

However, when I sleep my Vista and then unplug my USB mouse, the machine wakes up again. This can be anoying when you want to leave. A workaround is to unplug your USB mouse before sleeping the machine ūüôā

A better solution is this:
1) Check which devices are capable of waking up your machine when sleeping by opening a command prompt and run the following command:

powercfg /devicequery wake_programmable

You might get something like this:

Logitech USB iFeel Mouse (002)
Intel(R) 82566MM Gigabit Network Connection
Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN
 AuthenTec Inc. AES2501A

Then open to device manager, go to the device you think is causing the wake up (my mouse in this example), double click it and choose power management.

Disable the checkbox “Allow this device to wake the computer”

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Took me a while to find out but this is the solution:

1) Install the game, if you run into problems at this stage, set the MafiaLauncher.exe and MafiaSetup.exe executables on CD1 to Compatibility Mode: Windows XP SP2. If it fails, execute it as an administrator.

2) Go into C:\Program Files\Mafia en set the executable Game.exe to Compatibility Mode: Windows XP SP2

3) Go out and search the web for an update to 1.2 (mafia_patch_1.2_eng.exe). On the web you will find sites which refer to patch 1.3 and 1.2, there is no difference. I found it here .

4) Go into C:\Program Files\Mafia en execute Setup.exe. Make sure you configure it as follows:

Mafia Config

5) Now sometimes you might be able to play now, if not, follow the next step. You can test this by playing an intro.avi from the c:\program files\mafia folder. If you have video, your good to go!

6) In order to play the intro movies of Mafia (and play the game), you need and Indeo codec. This is unsupported on Vista (as a matter of fact, starting Windows XP SP1 and higher). Go out and fetch a freeware Indeo codec. I’ve got it from this site. Starting from version 5.2 you have to pay for it so make sure you find an older one ūüôā

7) Open a command prompt with elevated right (hit the start button, type CMD, right click it and choose ¬†“Run as an administrator”. In the console type: regsvr32 ir50_32.dll

8 ) Try to play the game and please leave a comment if this guide helped you out (or not)!

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I had this issue after running the Bitlocker Drive Preperation tool.
After this i ended up with two partitions:

C: Partition of 1,5 GB (for boot files)
D: Partition of 148 GB (Windows and everything)

My BCD (former boot.ini) showed the right stuff but somehow my Windows still wouldn’t boot.
After starting up with a Windows Vista install CD and choosing “Repair my computer” I could access a command prompt.

After executing¬†bootrec /fixboot my machine booted properly and my machines is bitlocker ready ūüėČ

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There are two options to get rid of this error in your userenv log:

1) Setting the following registry configuration:

Hive:  HKCU
Path:  Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
Key:   ParseAutoexec
Value: 0 = autoexec.bat is not parsed
          1 = autoexec.bat is parsed

2) Create an autoexec.bat in the root of your system drive.

echo “@echo off”>>c:\autoexec.bat

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64 core + 256Gb RAM, yes it’s true, no photoshop. Click image¬†for bigger version!


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Windows 2003 (SP2/R2/Whatever) gives you the following errors:

Event ID 35
Source : WinMgmt
Category : None
Type : Warning
WMI ADAP was unable to load the ASP.NET_2.0.50727 performance library
because it returned invalid data: 0x0




Event ID 40
Source : WinMgmt
Category : None
Type : Warning
WMI ADAP was unable to create the object
Win32_PerfRawData_ASPNET_2050727_ASPNETAppsv2050727 for Performance Library
ASP.NET_2.0.50727 because error 0x80041001 was returned

Some internet forum posts tell you that there is a hotfix @ Microsoft CSS. This is not true.
This problem has been fixed in Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 SP1 which will be released somewhere summer 2008 (currently there this product is in beta).

If anyone has information on how to filter these events from the eventlog (which is a solution to some people), please let me know.

Edit – 4 June 2008
As mentioned in the comments below by Carloc, there is a hotfix available on request (no KB article yet, you have to mention the number 951683. See Carloc’s page for the full story.



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So your corporate exchange server pushes an Password Policy? After a couple of minutes idle time, your device is locked and you have to enter a PIN?

Locked by exchange

You can remove this by following these steps:

1) Download and start a registry editor for you windows mobile device

2) Find and change the registry key: HKLM/Security/Policies/Policies/00001023 to value 1

3) Close the registry editor and on your mobile device navigate to start, settings, lock and disable the “Prompt if device unused for” checkbox

4) Most exchange servers push this policy every once and a while, so install download and install this .CAB file on your device to make this setting permanent.

Your device will never be locked again. Credits go out to XDA developers and Zenyee.

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So you experience a “The Hyper-V service is not available” and when you try to start this service manualy, you’re getting: “Error 87: The parameter is incorrect.”

Error 87: The parameter is incorrect

Please note that allthough Windows 2008 is RTM, Hyper-V is still beta. I think it will be released RTM shortly too.

To fix this please be sure that:
– You installed Windows 2008 with ENGLISH language (reinstall if you didn’t do this)
– Selected the ENGLISH-US local (follow instructions below on how to fix afterwards)

1) Open “Regional and Language Options”¬†from the controll panel.
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Your Windows Mobile (PocketPc) pda/phone has been wiped because of several reasons:
– You lost your phone, wiped it using your Outlook Web Access (or your IT department did this) and later on you found it again.
– You forgot your Windows Mobile pincode and entered a wrong code several times (default 5)

Im sorry to inform you, the data on your storage card is really gone. Microsoft did a good job on this one, it doesnt delete your data but it wipes it. So the data has been replaced by a different pattern.

It doesn’t matter if you had your storage card encrypted (if it was, a part of the key was stored on your device which is wiped as well).
Don’t try any recovery tools, thats what i did (being desperate) and the Microsoft documentation is right.¬†

Gone Forever

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Microsoft is working on a answer towards VMware’s virtualization succes. The answer is called Microsoft Hyper-V and is currently in Beta.

Although ive seen this stuff at Microsoft IT Forum in Barcelone last december, i felt like playing around with it myself so¬†i grabbed a HP DL360 with dual quad core and 16Gb mem to test this new toy. So i installed Windows Server Hyper-V RC1.¬†Here’s a little impression with some screenshots.

Please note: Although Windows server 2008 will install on a 32bit CPU based computer, Hyper-V itself needs a 64bit CPU.After the installation i checked the system properties and ‘my computer properties’ dialog:


Next thing to do was install the Hyper-V role:

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