So you wanna play M4A files but hate quicktime and/or itunes? Congratulations, your not alone!

Copy the code below, past it in notepad, save it to “blabla.reg” (including quotes, otherwise you might save it as blabla.reg.txt)


[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Media Type\Extensions\.m4a]
“Source Filter”=”{E206E4DE-A7EE-4A62-B3E9-4FBC8FE84C73}”
“Media Type”=”{813BACB7-18A7-4068-AABD-8F8CD57011BC}”

Just execute the reg file you just made, confirm the dialog and try!
If it doesn’t work, download an AAC decoder like this one.

Start media player or whatever mp3 player you have and start listening!

Comments (0) Posted by pieter on Thursday, October 11th, 2007

In order to find this post, i would give google the instructions: convert M4A to MP3 freeware M4A2MP3 free -linux xp Windows

So you downloaded a new podcast or whatever and want to convert it to mp3? There are loads of programs which will do the trick, if you pay. Since paying sucks and isn’t necesarry, follow these instructions to make a cool ‘sendto mp3’ command in windows XP (vista not tested, will probably work too).

You will need the following freeware:
1) faad for windows to convert a M4A to wav (download here)
2) lame to code a wav to MP3 (download here)
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