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The S.S. Maheno was a ship that was used by New Zealand as a hospital ship in World War I and was also used as a bombing practise in World War II.

The S.S. Maheno was caught in a winter cyclone while being towed to Japan for a scrap metal yard when it was grounded at Cathedral Beach, Fraser Island, on the 8th of July, 1935.

The S.S. Maheno is now a popular tourist attraction and is rusting away into the sand. It is covered in barnacles and its anchor is at least 500 metres away from the back end of the ship.

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Dolfijn uitzicht & Fraser’s » Moheno 2

Aangespoelt passagierschip. Is door een ‘out-of-season’ cycloon in 1935 hier neergezet. (foto 2)

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